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Canadian Rockies, Sep 1981


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I went to Jasper National Park and Banff National Park in September 1981 (before school started up

again in the fall) with friends Kent Reed, Lawrence Mayer, and Phyllis Mayer (yes, that Phyllis!)


Top of Fairview Mountain, near Lake Louise


Mount Robson at Sunrise



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C Rockies 001 Sep-1981 Hinton.jpg (246551 bytes) C Rockies 002 Sep-1981 into Jasper.jpg (153894 bytes) C Rockies 003 Sep-1981 Lantern.jpg (59371 bytes) C Rockies 004 Sep-1991.jpg (99695 bytes) C Rockies 005 Sep-1981.jpg (126618 bytes)
Hinton, Between Edmonton and Jasper National Park Entering Jasper NP By the Athabasca River Icefield Hwy and Mt Kierkeslin (sp?)
C Rockies 006 Sep-1981.jpg (100840 bytes) C Rockies 007 Sep-1981.jpg (90078 bytes) C Rockies 008 Sep-1981.jpg (113265 bytes) C Rockies 009 Sep-1981 Mt Kitchener.jpg (106785 bytes) C Rockies 010 Sep-1981 Athabasca River.jpg (150079 bytes)
Athabasca Falls, Mt Kierkeslin (sp?) Kent and Me at Athabasca Falls Athabasca River and Mt. Kitchener

Athabasca River and Mt. Kitchener

L to R:  Jim Blilie, Lawrence Mayer, Phyllis Mayer, Kent Reed

C Rockies 011 Sep-1981 Col Snowfields.jpg (132420 bytes) C Rockies 012 Sep-1981 Athabasca Glacier.jpg (137441 bytes) C Rockies 013 Sep-1981.jpg (230115 bytes) C Rockies 014 Sep-1981.jpg (167524 bytes) C Rockies 015 Sep-1981 Bow Lake cr.jpg (306941 bytes)
Columbia Ice Fields Athabasca Glacier Falls on Tangle Creek Me taking pictures Bow Lake
C Rockies 016 Sep-1981 Bow Lake.jpg (86214 bytes) C Rockies 017 Sep-1981 Mt Temple.jpg (124007 bytes) C Rockies 018 Sep-1981 Lake Louise.jpg (91901 bytes) C Rockies 019 Sep-1981 Fairview Pk at Lk Lou.jpg (145714 bytes) C Rockies 020 Sep-1981 Fairview Pk.jpg (178014 bytes)
Bow Lake Mt. Temple Lake Louise Hiking up Fairview Pk. Top of Fairview Pk., Kent
C Rockies 021 Sep-1981.jpg (92349 bytes) C Rockies 022 Sep-1981 Fairview Pk.jpg (317173 bytes) C Rockies 023 Sep-1981 Elk.jpg (144042 bytes) C Rockies 024 Sep-1981 Lake at Mt Robson.jpg (157265 bytes) C Rockies 025 Sep-1981 Robson Hike.jpg (240248 bytes)
View from Fairview Peak

Top of Fairview Pk:

L to R:  Phyllis Mayer (in front), Kent Reed, Lawrence Mayer, Jim Blilie

Elk Mt. Robson Mt. Robson trail
C Rockies 026 Sep-1981 Robson Hike.jpg (224225 bytes) C Rockies 027 Sep-1981 Robson Hike.jpg (170042 bytes) C Rockies 028 Sep-1981 Robson Kent.jpg (169885 bytes) C Rockies 029 Sep-1981 Robson.jpg (183931 bytes) Mt Robson and Berg Lake Sep-1981 Scanned from slide 4800 dpi.jpg (202429 bytes)
Mt. Robson trail Mt. Robson trail Mt. Robson Mt. Robson Emperor Face At Berg Lake (at last!)
C Rockies 054 Robson Emperor Face.jpg (223624 bytes) C Rockies 030 Sep-1981 Robson Camp.jpg (228469 bytes) C Rockies 031 Sep-1981 Robson and Berg Lake.jpg (139950 bytes) C Rockies 032 Sep-1981 Robson.jpg (71034 bytes) C Rockies 033 Sep-1981 Fishing.jpg (124808 bytes)
Emperor Face of Mt. Robson Berg lake detail Mt. Robson and Berg Lake Mt. Robson sunrise Fishing Patricia Lake
C Rockies 034 Sep-1981 Mtn Sheep.jpg (192471 bytes)  

C Rockies 035 Sep-1981.jpg (110812 bytes)


C Rockies 036 Sep-1981.jpg (172656 bytes) C Rockies 037 Sep-1981 Goats.jpg (212357 bytes) C Rockies 038 Sep-1981 Billy Goat.jpg (115078 bytes)
Mtn. Sheep Me, Parker's Ridge, Banff Parker's Ridge, Banff Mtn. Goats We got close
C Rockies 039 Sep-1981 Baby Goat.jpg (171031 bytes) C Rockies 040 Sep-1981 Wild Roses.jpg (109285 bytes) C Rockies 041 Sep-1981.jpg (120592 bytes) C Rockies 042 Sep-1981.jpg (114873 bytes) C Rockies 043 Sep-1981 Moose.jpg (220489 bytes)
We got close Wild roses Trail to Glacier Lake, Banff Glacier Lake, Banff Moose
C Rockies 044 Sep-1981 Moose.jpg (197454 bytes) C Rockies 045 Sep-1981 Kent at XX Pass.jpg (210070 bytes) C Rockies 046 Sep-1981 Me at XX Pass.jpg (146045 bytes) C Rockies 047 Sep-1981.jpg (145532 bytes) C Rockies 048 Sep-1981 Kent Cool Pool.jpg (159440 bytes)
We got close Kent on the Nigel Pass trail Me, Nigel Pass (hard to believe I know) First Geraldine Lake Kent, tarn above first Geraldine Lake
C Rockies 049 Sep-1981 Maligne Lake.jpg (155572 bytes) C Rockies 050 Sep-1981 Jacques Lake Hike.jpg (163367 bytes) C Rockies 051 Sep-1981 Jacques Lake Sunset.jpg (76873 bytes) C Rockies 052 Sep-1981 Jacques Lake Sunset 2.jpg (59446 bytes) C Rockies 053 Sep-1981 Maligne Lake.jpg (104268 bytes)
Maligne Lake Jacques Lake trail Jacques Lake Sunset Jacques Lake sunset Maligne Lake

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 100.jpg (442224 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 101.jpg (587550 bytes) 

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 102.jpg (683717 bytes) 1981-09 Canadian Rockies 104.jpg (796594 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 105.jpg (806159 bytes)

1981-Sept_Mt_Robson_Prov_Park_004.jpg (4513245 bytes)

1981-Sept_Jasper_NP_005.jpg (2328474 bytes)

Mount Temple

Close encounter with a bull elk

Mount Robson at sunrise

Mount Robson at sunrise from Berg Lake

Mount Temple and the Athabasca River

1981-Sept_Banff_NP_001.jpg (3674628 bytes)

1981-Sept_Jasper_NP_006.jpg (2346551 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 137.jpg (440230 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 142.jpg (1022382 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 149-2.jpg (802863 bytes)

Lake Louise

Sunset in Lodgepole Pines

Jacques Lake at sunset

Sunlight and trees

Near Maligne Lake

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 150.jpg (1000518 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 151.jpg (759091 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 152.jpg (988056 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 156.jpg (659934 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 110.jpg (902018 bytes) 

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 111.jpg (605276 bytes)

Summit Lake on the Jacques Lake hike

Around sunset, Jasper NP

Stone sheep

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 116.jpg (913766 bytes) 1981-09 Canadian Rockies 117.jpg (900423 bytes)

1981-09 Canadian Rockies 129.jpg (734926 bytes)

Mountain Goats

Bull moose, up close


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